pondus release 0.8.0

I am happy to announce version 0.8.0 of pondus, your personal weight tracker. You can download it here and follow the installation instructions. This release includes the following changes:

  • Bump minimum required version of python to 2.5
  • Add options to track bodyfat, muscle and water percentage (can be activated in preferences)
  • Add option to add notes to datasets (can be activated in preferences)
  • Plot bodyfat, muscle or water using second y-axis in graph
  • Set default plot range to “Last Year” and replace “Last 3 months” with “Last 6 months”
  • Display bodyfat, muscle, water and notes as tooltips in main window
  • Add Finnish translation (Thanks Esa Rautiainen)
  • Add Hebrew translation (Thanks Yaron Shahrabani)
  • Add Russian translation (Thanks Alex Slabchenko)
  • Add Turkish translation (Thanks Muhammet Kara)
  • Updated translations: bg, de, sv